Short-Term Rehab

Reliant Rehab is contracted with our facility to provide rehabilitation services. Our recently renovated rehab center provides state of the art equipment, such as vital stem and diathermy that encourages faster healing of muscles tissue and pain relief for increased endurance. Reliant Rehab employs fulltime therapist, seven days a week at Regency Village to ensure one on one, daily therapy to maximize success rate. 

Bridging the gap between hospital and home

Whether as a result of a trauma, disease, stroke, surgery or chronic condition, when mobility, function or cognitive abilities are impaired, rehabilitation is often the pathway to recovery, renewed independence and quality of life.

A unique understanding of senior care

Regency Village Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation has been serving the health care needs of Webster area seniors for more than two decades. Rooted in a tradition of excellence in skilled nursing care, our extensive experience enables us to better respond to the unique challenges of geriatric rehab and enhances our ability to restore patients to the highest levels of form, function and independence.

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